Thursday, November 6, 2008

16 Hours on a Train

Yesterday afternoon I hopped on a train around 4pm and arrived at my destination of Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, around 8am this morning. The train station in Chennai was extremely crowded and smelly but the chaos was exciting. I was thrilled to be venturing out on my own, away from the security of my group members, and to explore another section of India. My friend, Muthu, had helped me purchase the appropriate seat on the train so that my sleeping bunk was the most desirable (up high) where I could easily protect my belongings while I slept. Unfortunately, that same seat meant I was not right next to a window but I could see out well enough and the two hours of daylight at the beginning of the trip were beautiful! On a shorter train ride I will probably opt for a window seat instead, so that I can take better pictures but I enjoyed this ride anyway and spent most of the time reading or sleeping... Once again I will update with some pictures when I get a better connection - hopefully tomorrow.


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