Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Roughing it

Hello to all my faithful blog followers! Tonight I find myself thoroughly exhausted in a tiny (and I mean tiny!) cubicle with an extremely filthy computer, trying to make up for four days without a computer or internet access. Unfortunately, I still have no way to share new photos, but I will give you a mini update and add pictures later. I went to two more theater performances last week, after returning from the houseboat trip and both were intense and amazing! On Saturday, in the pouring rain, I took a train, then a bus, then two autos (rickshaws - but the locals just call them autos so now I do, too) and then trekked by foot through the mud, to the home of the ladies who helped me make the coir in the backwaters. There I stayed for two days and nights, in their home with no bathroom or even running water, and had the pleasure of observing and participating in their simple lifestyle. Various family members from three generations moved in and out of the home (and the homes around them) during my short stay. It rained most of the time and their electricity was often not working, but complete harmony that existed even while eight people crowded onto the porch for five hours with nothing but the light of a kerosene lamp, was quite enlightening. The kids don't have toys, they just truly enjoy each other's company. Amazing! When I left them, I headed north to find the "village of twins" before I have to be at the southern tip of India for our class mid-term and Thanksgiving rendezvous. I found some of the twins today and enjoyed a beautiful scenic trip on a motorcycle along the way. I am looking forward to returning to my "home base" in Trivandrum tomorrow and seeing my classmates tomorrow night! It has been quite an adventure but I am very tired! the lights just turned off so I'm outta here!


Blogger Sheree said...

Love checking in on your blog,the photos are so beautiful(can't wait to see the prize ones reserved for the book!) You also have a talent for writing and I look forward to each new entry :) India is being true to form and providing not only an educational experience but an emotional one also..soak up all it has to offer!! love ya,Sheree

November 25, 2008 at 9:57 AM  

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