Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to reality...

Well, all of the India openings have come and gone, the book and DVD are amazing souvenirs that I am loving to share with everyone I can, and I have finally reached the theoretic place that I have been talking about for over a year where life settles down..."when India is done." I'm not sure that place actually exists, but it was a nice thought. In fact, I feel like my life is more hectic than ever now! I just spent five days in Irvine where I was part of Sports Shooter Academy VI, a very cool workshop that I had hoped would help me add some cool sports pics to my portfolio. I learned a lot but don't feel I have much to show for it yet...mostly I gained inspiration and ideas for the future. Now I am scrambling to catch up in my flash class and finish my new website which will be posted VERY soon, and get final projects done for my math and marketing classes. Meanwhile, here are a couple of my favorite shots from SSA VI, including a shot of Newport Beach from the last night when lacrosse was canceled and we decided to shoot surfing instead. Check back soon!


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